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  1. Hi man, I did follow your instruction and it work fantastic. Overall, the max temp (at 50% fan) was drop 20 degree Celsius without the Liquid Metal. For the LM, I will do it next month.
  2. Hi bro, Could you elaborate in detail how to remove the dust filter of the back cover? (step by step) I feel like it nearly impossible to remove it or do you have any trick ? I am planning to buy spare part to mod and avoid damaged my original back cover. Greetings, Minh
  3. Hi man, I am planning to build my own U3-modded and I have a question. Can I use the Noctua 60x25mm or 80x25mm fan? And I will plan to buy 3 fans for my alienware 15r4. If it is not a good choice, could you elaborate this for me? Regards, Minh Thanh Nguyen.
  4. Is it safe to use LM on laptop ? Because I travel and carry it in my backpack.
  5. Tks for your recommendation, I read everything that you did there and curious about the HS mod. Besides, do you still selling a modded U3 cooler? ( with Noctua fan and I want to customize it a bit by using Noctua Redux lineup) I owned 15r4 (i9-8950hk, 1080max q, max opt) and it served me 2 years so want to upgrade my laptop running cooler and faster. I am currently pair it with the Graphic Amp (gtx 1080ti) so I can neglect the heat come from the internal GPU. The maximum CPU clock I can reach is 4.2 - 4.4 Ghz (with UV & TDP limit at 55-60W) but when I do the stress test onl
  6. The modification look promising but is it suitable for Alienware 15r4 heatsink? It seems like the space between heatsink and back cover is not enough for this mod :(
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