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  1. Replaced the CPU thermal paste with liquid metal. and wow massive difference. After setting thermal limit to 90c with MX-4 the CPU hit max temps 90c / 90c. With liquid metal temps drop down to 76c / 90c. Major improvement over stock, would recommend to get the most out of any laptop. Follow a guild or you could kill your computer, there are extra step when using liquid metal.
  2. Update: After the BIOS update the GPU is still not recognized. But I do have CPU overclocking unlocked for thermal testing with the liquid metal.
  3. The temps are about right. Prime95 is similar to the furmark. I'm doing that right now by changing the MX-4 thermal paste with liquid metal and I just made it a thread about it. I will post temps after my liquid metal shows up. Https: // www. aw -community.com/forum/topic/8739-trying-to-replace-my-dead-hd-6990m-with-a-amd-firepro-m6100/
  4. As the title says I'm trying to install a AMD Firepro M6100. I'll download the unlocked A12 BIOS (www. Aw -community.com/forum/files/file/241-alienware-m17x-r3-unlocked-system-bios/) Will let you guys know how it goes once Will post thermals before and after I replace the MX-4 with liquid metal as well. Right now CPU hits 85c, the the unlocked BIOS to test GPU.