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Achtung bezüglich Support und "Kundenservice"! Erfahrungsbericht eines Stammkunde

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Hey Leute,
Ich bin seit fast 7 Jahren Stammkunde bei Dell und kaufe alle 2-3 Jahre einen neuen high-end 17er oder damals 18er laptop. Bin diesmal aber "eingefahren"... ich habe den Erfahrungsbericht für ursprünglich eine andere Platform grob auf englisch verfasst und hoffe es ist soweit fürs Erste verständlich - damit euch nicht das gleiche passiert. Dell hat bis jetzt nicht eingelenkt oder auch nur irgendeinen Fehler zugegeben.... Im Gegenteil es wird versucht das Thema abzutun und die Schuld beim Kunden zu suchen.... 🙁


Please  BEWARE OF POSSIBLE Sloppiness/Mistreatment  or scam in terms Dell/Alienwares recent behavior regarding (regular) customers. This is a actual (ongoing) topic for a high-end m51 laptop.

I was sadly abandoned by Dells politics when they were trying to hush up some mistakes they made during a return procedure for a +3000 € m17 laptop and instead of helping with the premium support I paid for – the responsible person of the department seemingly focused on trying to find an escape route out of their mess.
Please read what happened to me so you can make sure it will not happen to you by acting in good faith as I did…



 Since approximately 7-8 years I am buying the high-end customized builds of laptops from Alienware. Approx. 3000-4000 € every 2 years. No issues claimed, until the last device (m17), price around 3500€, which sadly had plenty (also  by the community) known problems.  Overheating, frame of display, and later secondary damage during service (change of motherboard led to damage of keyboard/Alienware FX cable – which lost partial functionality.

Due to that they did not want to send a Dell service technician again but instead  - send me new laptop for exchange with similar specs. Even it means a lot of time is necessary for changing of data and new installations/setups by starting over with a new laptop I was quite happy and thought that would be an appropriate solution offered  by the customer service – EVEN I DID NEVER ASK FOR IT. But sadly at that time there was no similar display (mine was a 4k IPS panel) available so they could only give me my money back OR supply me a FullHD 144hz laptop which has limited use for 4k video editing /  picture editing and viewing – which I explained them is important to me.  But there was no option – I needed a laptop which was fully operational  and I trusted in Alienwares quality  more then in any other brand, in terms of service and hardware – which I need to rely on during my travels. So they send me the FullHD m51 laptop. Before I agreed to the replacement I asked them what to do with the old laptop and the told me I will be able to send it back as soon as I got the new one. They promised me the premium business support service which I paid for will be continued with the new laptop....

They sent me the new one – but even weeks later they did not contact me regarding the old one. NO information on how to return the old one – ABSOLUTLY NOTHING. I read in a community thread that some other people experienced similar things – and it was advised to contact Dell to make sure everything is fine and that it gets returned properly. So I was worried and tried to email by answering the service case emails  – but I got a automatic email answer that:  “there is no reference with the email and that the case is not open. The recommended way would be to speak with a DELL Agent from the service hotline”


So I contacted Dell by phone while I was on my travels to make sure that they damaged old laptop gets back to them and so there won’t be any troubles. The person with czech sounding accent from the german Dell hotline seemed to be confused at first but then explained I should make sure I send the laptop to a adresse of Dell which they gave me and everything would be fine and the case correctly closed.

I sent it with a known international parcel carrier, including insurance and order on my own costs and thought everything was fine as there was no feedback from Dell that something would not be alright.


So… now everything was “mostly” fine with the replacement. I used it for many months. The space bar was not working on the side area  but I got used to mainly use the center (or my external keyboard). Also the left USB 3.0 port was loosing connection from time to time, as well as the signal for HDMI and Display Port when I used the laptop with 4k displays (which is necessary for me, as said before). But with a lot of time and workarounds all could be dealt with somehow (without support). I am normally a person who tries to solve all things possible on my own and not trying to use services (which often make things difficult) as long as possible.
But then there was this (by community and social media known) Bios update which reduces the maximum allowed GPU temperature and leds to throttling – as it seems that other customers faced overheating damages. But the new Bios and the temp limit of 79°C in combination of typical 4k video rendering or 4k gaming workload led to frequent throttling to HALF or LESS performance (500Mhz instead of more then 1600Mhz), during most of the time used! There was no working workaround for me – even in air conditioned normal temp rooms and with a cooling pad under the laptop it happened. So they laptop could not be used as before – since the bios. It was extremely limited and lacked performance as the RTX 2080 inside could not be used correctly by that temp limit. This issue can be googled and found on YT etc…


So I contacted Dell support. In the first email they told me to try the standard analysis tools and similar things…. After I explained them in detail about the issue and after I sent them proof (benchmarks/ etc) so that they could see that the device is nearly full time throttling under 4k load even at high fan mode – and that it seems to be a general known m51 R1 performance (@4k) problem since the last bios update from early this year - they suddenly told me that “I have no Premium Support anymore because they never received the m17 laptop”… 10 months later…. I explained them that nobody cared for the return procedure from there side and that they closed the case without giving me return possibility from their side - which was the reason I called the Dell hotline at that time and returned the device as told by Dell – after nobody ever contacted me about the old laptop by themselfs! Not before and not after I returned the laptop. Now suddenly they tell me that the did not have received the laptop and that they are still waiting “for a pick-up date” and that I have no service until I send “them the laptop” and I will get no help from their side…. That’s after investing thousands of euros every two years and being loyal to their brand and not using premium services till last year when it was absolutely necessary….


So I asked them politely to check their customer (email) communications archive so they would see that ABSOLUTLY NOBODY ever made a step from their side to contact me by themselfs. Not about the return procedures NOR about anything missing! No information that the laptop was not received or that I would loose premium support. Nothing -  In 10 months!

But they never answered this question… it was ignored and it seems that they try to save costs and to hush up the whole issue. They fraud team which was contacted after I tried to explain them what was going on – never contacted me – they just told me via a not responsible person from “technical Support” that the never received a laptop and “that I should send it” as there is no information on the laptop.

Further the blocked the old laptops service tag and support (which is good as most probably somebody at Dell has it) BUT also there will be no more support for the actual device as 10 months later they easily say – they did not receive the laptop even I know they have…


I would not even care that somebody in the whole return procedure from their side messed up or that they told me the wrong way to return it or that they lost it somehow or whatever reason this whole mess is coming from…. But that after I DID EVERYTHING TO CORRECTLY RETURN THE LAPTOP (even if they did not care), that they stop service and abandon me on a not functional laptop since I paid more then 3000€ for Support and m17 Laptop 1,5 years ago…. This is a terrible situation  and the worst customer service I ever had in terms of electronics. Again – a big Company as Dell must know if they contacted you or not (as I don’t think they delete all customer related emails/informations)- and in my case they never contacted me – and surely they know that they forgot… and surely they now somebody from the Dell service hotline or who received the laptop made a mistake…. But no answer…. No apology…. No help…. No service..


They guy from TechSupport btw tried his best and was very friendly – but obviously the company politics ( or the personal ones of his supervisor)  are really awful. BEWARE of customer service and OFFERS of REPLACEMENTS. Or at least make sure you got a good legal expenses insurance as me.

In my case, as I rely on top quality and top performance hardware during my travels around the globe there is not much alternative and I must deal with the damage/lost money I got due to this customer support behaviour , as I most probably have to invest the next 3000-4000€ by end of this year when the new laptops with RTX 3080 can be purchased. Still it is important for me to warn others so you will be more careful and not to easily trust Dell customers service “when they try to help you”.


If you need further info on that matter – don’t hesitate to contact me.


Edited by Drizzt86

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Ich fasse mal auf deutsch zusammen: @Drizzt86 hat ein m17 Alienware gekauft und es waren Reparaturen notwendig. Da bei dem VOS Einsatz der Alien beschädigt wurde, wollte Dell nicht nochmal reparieren und hat einen anderen Alien als Ersazt angeboten. Dem Austausch hat er zugestimmt, allerdings nur wenn der gekaufte VOS vom m17 auf das Tauschgerät übertragen wird, was von Dell bestätigt wurde. Nachdem das neue Area 51m angekommen war, hat Dell sich nicht gemeldet um das defekte m17 Notebook zurück zu bekommen. Daraufhin hat er bei Dell angerufen, der Mitarbeiter am Telefon zwar etwas verwundert, hat aber gesagt, er solle das Notebook an eine Dell Adresse schicken. Gesagt, getan. Etwa 10 Monate später musste @Drizzt86 Dell wegen mehrere Probleme am Area 51m kontaktieren. USB und HDMI verloren die Verbindung, die Leertaste hat nicht zuverlässig ausgelöst und das bekannte Throttling der Grafikkarte nach einem BIOS Update. Der Support von Dell hat aber festgestellt, dass er keinen VOS Service hat, da er den m17 Alien noch nicht zurück geschicht hätte. Dass er das m17 Notebook zurück geschickt hat, ist bei Dell wohl nicht im System eingetragen wurden, auch hat sich von Dell niemand gemeldet um den Fall zu klären.

Der Fall ist natürlich ziemlich krass, WTF Dell :20:?! Andererseits habe ich mir sowas schon fast gedacht als ich gelesen habe, dass der m17 ohne Versandmarke von Dell zurückgeschickt wurde. Ich will damit nicht sagen, dass du einen Fehler gemacht hast, im Gegenteil, Dell hat das auch ganzer Linie verkackt. Aber man sieht mal wieder wie kompliziert es wird, wenn bei so großen Firma etwas nicht nach deren Standard Abläufen funktionierit. Hinterher weiß keiner mehr was Sache ist.

Am 9.9.2020 um 14:37 schrieb Drizzt86:

Or at least make sure you got a good legal expenses insurance as me.

Bist du rechtlich gegen Dell vorgegangen?

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der käufer hat doch vom versendunternehmen eine trackingnummer bekommen. die sendungsverfolgung aufrufen, ausdrucken, eine kopie per einschreiben/ rückschein zu  dell schicken.

sollte sich doch auf diese art klären lassen.

hatte dieses theater einmal mit sky, die auch behauptet haben, einen receiver nicht zurückgeschickt zu haben.

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Die Geschichte ist echt heftig. Erst mal hoffe ich für dich, dass sich alles ohne weiteren Stress zum guten wendet und du den Service doch noch auf dein Gerät übertragen bekommst.

Man sollte sich sowieso niemals auf etwas verlassen, immer selber nachprüfen. Das erste was ich gemacht habe, wenn ein Austauschgerät ankam war immer zu überprüfen ob auf dem Service Tag auch der Support übertragen worden ist. 

Die Aussage, dass es nur übertragen wird wenn das alte Gerät zurück kommt, kann ich so nicht bestätigen. in den knapp 5 Jahren in denen ich den Service von Dell hatte, habe ich 4 Austauschgeräte gehabt und der Service wurde immer übertragen bevor ich das alte Gerät zurückgeschickt habe. Ich glaube nur einmal nicht und da wurde das gemacht nachdem ich angerufen hatte. Ich glaube die längste Zeit die ich ein Notebook stehen hatte war um die 8 Monate. Da hat mich der Mitarbeiter vom technischen Support per E-Mail angeschrieben und gefragt ob ich das Gerät zurückschicken könnte. Die von der Abteilung meinten wohl zu ihm, sie würden mich nicht erreichen. Lustiger weise habe ich nie eine E-Mail/Anruf von der Abteilung erhalten. Ist ja klar, dass ich es dann nicht zurückschicken kann. Aber auch da wurde der Service direkt auf das Austauschgerät übertragen.

Ich würde jetzt fast sagen, bei deinem Fall bei Dell muss richtig viel schief gelaufen sein, dass es zu so einer Situation kommen konnte.

@der allgäuer So hast du nur bewiesen, dass du etwas verschickt hast. Er könnte ja, rein hypothetisch, auch einfach einen leeren Karton zurück schicken. Am besten ist immer so etwas mit Zeugen zu machen. 


@Drizzt86 Hast du eigentlich telefonischen Kontakt gesucht oder per E-Mail? Wenn ich etwas bei Firmen machen soll, dann lasse ich mir das immer per E-Mail bestätigen. So hat man auch etwas schriftliches, auch wenn E-Mail vor Gerichten jetzt nicht der aussagekräftigste Beweis ist. Da wäre dann auch nochmal etwas für die Beweiskette

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man kann anhand des gewichtes feststellen, dass der karton nicht leer war.

was das laptop wiegt, weiss man ja.

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